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Which project should I take on?

A - Youtube Reboot
B - Comic Autobiography
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Next Big Project

Post  Jade on Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:48 pm

Update: Now that I have 2 jobs, my big project will have to be postponed until things have settled down after the holiday season. Thank you for your undestanding, and I hope the final project you guys get will be worth the wait. <3 Voting is still open, so you totally should still vote though, production will begin within Jan/Feb.

I have 2 ideas that I would really love to take on at the moment, but my life dictates that I should only do one (at a time). I eventually want to do both of them, but I'm having a hard time deciding which I should start with, which is where you - my dear friend - come in.

The two ideas are:

A) Reboot my youtube channel and show what's been going on with all the changes in my life this past year + forward

B) A autobiography in the form of a comic.

The comic would allow me more time to work on other side projects and I obviously have a ton more experience with drawings as a medium as opposed to trying to edit and release youtube videos on a regular basis. However I think more people would enjoy youtube things because audio and visual stimulation. I have no idea, so please vote~

I greatly appreciate your time and attention, have a wonderful time! Like a Star @ heaven


My name is Jade [ひすい] and I am Seerow's wife. I'm not a talented gamer, I'm a passionate gamer. I'm not an artist, I'm a doodler. I'm not sane, I'm plesantly crazy. I hope we all can have a great time together.


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